My Background and This Blog

Hey there! My name is Daniel Council, I’m 26, based out of Dayton, Ohio, and I am a data scientist for a contracting firm that works with various businesses and sections of the government. I particularly work for the aerospace and defense section.

My educational background is focused on theoretical mathematics. I have a B.A. from Wright State University in the Mathematics. Before this, I worked for Amazon as an area manager for a year and a half. I worked across the country in Washington, Indiana, Texas, and in Ohio. I had a desire for a career change as I felt my technical degree was not being used in a way I would have liked. I had always been interested in computer programming and data, so from my background in mathematics, I felt that data science would be a perfect fit.

I created this blog to document my journey in learning all things data science. I have some background in Java, however am completely new to Python, SQL, and most data science tools. I plan on posting here daily as a progress report on what I did for the day and what I might have learned. I also will be adding projects as well that I work on.

My goal is within a year to be proficient in python, proficient in SQL, and proficient with most data science tools. If anyone out there reading this is wishing to start a career in data science, wishing to learn a new programming language, or simply just wishing to view a young man learn new things, I hope this blog is insightful and informative.

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