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Hey all,

Wanted to give an update as it’s been a little bit since I have posted here.

Previously I was trying to update here daily, but I think that might be too lofty of a goal for right now. I think my new goal will be to post weekly updates, on sundays.

I am going to delete the previous posts except for my introduction now, to keep the format of the site consistent.

So my course has finished, for SQL. I found the information pretty rudemintary, granted it was for beginners. I ended up actually dropping all together as I felt the python class was going the same route. Just wasn’t right for me.

I ended up restarting some classes I purchased on Udemy a few months ago, I’m currently running through a MySQL course, which is good for the resume as well. There are some little nuanced differences I’ve noticed with MySQL compared to postgreSQL.

My goal now is to finish the SQL course on Udemy by the end of June 18th 2019. From there I will begin working on a python course I have on Udemy as well as running through an even more advanced SQL course in tandeum.

My last update here is that I’ve also decided I’m going to video document all of this as well. I just put up my first video on youtube today. It’s regarding a issue I came across in my IDE for SQL Databases, DataGrip. However, this issue seems to effect other DBMS tools as well. I was able to find a fix from stack and implemented it into DataGrip for the connection to the MySQL instance. I documented on how to do it for any other users of DataGrip who might have the same issue when trying to learn MySQL. The link is pasted below. See you all on the next update.

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