Post 3

Hey everyone! I’m a little late to this post as I’ve been busy finalizing some move stuff with columbus and the holdiay week for fourth of july.

I’ve been mostly messing with python stuff, and I actually made a dice simulator game, I’ll attach the script here if you would like to run it yourself! It’s basically just a random number generator for 1-6, that simulates a dice roll. I want to add some user input to it though for how many dice the player wants to roll, and if the player would like to play again.

I’m also going to put up a video for some MySQL challenges between today and tomorrow. I’ll attach a link here when that is compelted.

I’ve also been throwing around the idea of possibly learnign django, more so on the side however since my primary role is data science, but, I am interested in full stack web development.

Anyway, thanks for the support and I’ll be sure to update you all again shortly.

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