Post 4

Hey everyone, had a busy week, but I’ve got a couple new things to report on, and an idea I had to possibly output some content on youtube.

So this week I focused a lot more on python. More specifically on the setup of the programming language on my Mac and also on my Windows machine. I’m using atom as a lightweight editor, and pycharm as a more robust IDE for running code.

I found with pycharm that it could be a bit confusing when trying to import external libraries for your code such as (numpy, pandas, so on…). Well after many hours of research and trial and error, I learned quite a bit about venv’s, system interpreters, a little distro called anaconda, and really the python interpreter in general.

In short, I learned that I need to make sure I’m using an interpreter, or venv, that has these packages installed to that specific location. For example when I originally tried to install numpy, and used it without the anaconda distro, i was unable to import in pycharm. This was because I installed it using the terminal command, pip install numpy, and I was using a venv that did not have it installed.

At this point I’m pretty confident with troubleshooting package issues with python, and virtual enviorments 🙂 (after many hours of pain). Let me know if you’d be interested in a video on this.

The last thing I wanted to go over is that I am thinking of making some videos on some of the work my certifications entail. I just got certified by IBM for Python Basics for Data Science and worked with a few jupyter notebooks, that I think would be cool for discussion in a video. I also just finished a screen recording of myself making a dice game in python. I’m going to record audio for it shortly and upload it as well.

My next project I’m intersted in is doing some data analysis on some data provided by — once I do this, I will upload a video!

I’ve got some stuff with work on my plate this week, as well as working on 2 more classes for certifications. It’ll be busy, but i’ll be back in about a weeks time to update as usual.


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