Post 5

Hey everyone, back again with another update.

I’m currently finishing up the second course in IBM’s python for data science certification. I was able to complete the first pretty easily, and this one is going smooth as well. I have one more module to complete then a final exam. After that I will be moving to the third course of five! I’m hoping to have that all completed by October.

I’m also still working on Microsofts program as well. The current course is over excel, so it’s a little less exciting for me, as I’m pretty familar with excel.

I’m going to attempt to follow through with some videos on jupyter notebooks/projects I’ve been working on with the coursees within the next few days, I just have been slammed at work with our current project.

I’d like to get some SQL certifications soonish as well. I’m thinking of possibly trying to do this around the start of the year, as I really want to finish the microsoft program, and IBM program as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Look for a video or two to be posted on youtube and here on this blog soon on some more data science related python content.

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