Post 6

Hey everyone, back again with an update.

So I’ve finished my third course from IBM on my Python for Data Science certification. I have to say though, the course was very dissapointing. The code was written in python2 for the labs but setup in a python3 virtual enviorment, meaning I couldn’t actually run the code in the labs. I was still able to get by, and pass the course. On payday, I will be enrolling in the last two courses for this certification — a machine learning course, and a capstone project.

I also finished another course for the microsoft certification, ethics and law in data science. I’m hoping to finish analyzing and visualizing data in excel tomorrow or the next day as well.

I’ve made a goal to finish the IBM program, and Microsoft program by the end of the year, as at the beggining of the year, I’m hoping to start a micro-master’s program at UC San Diego in January, which would help me get into their masters program.

I’ve also made a quick youtube video on some basic data visualization in python, which I’ll link down below.

Lastly, if you didn’t see update 5.5, I have made some changes to the website, if that isn’t obvious, feel free to check that post out for more info. Thanks for reading! I’m also thinking of starting to post intersting Data Science articles on this site as well. Let me know if you are intersted in that! Cheers!

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