A Rough Roadmap for Learning Data Science

Hey guys, giving credit to DataCamp here,(also a great resource for begginers for a basic understanding), but this image is from them and it gives a very rough outline on what you should “know” or learn to puruse DataScience as a career. Thankfully coming from a mathmatics background, it has given me an edge, but for those of you completley new, this gives you some good places to start as well.

Only things I would alter about this is the following

  • You do not have to learn the language you pick specifically from datacamp. (I reccomend edX as it has official universities and corporations backing their classes)
  • I would understand one database first and then touch up on others. A lot of the principles from MySQL for example, can be applied to other DBMS.
  • The article linked below has some keyplayers within the Data science field



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