Post 7

Hey everyone, I know I’m a bit late in posting on here again. Been a busy week with work as our project is wrapping up. In the meantime here’s what I’ve been up to!

I’m almost done with the full python for data science certification from IBM. I just finished the machine learning course and now have a project I am about to begin (most likely on monday 8/12/2019)  for my capstone! I also am almost done with a SQL for data science certification from University of California Davis. I hope to be done with that by monday as I just have a small project to finish.

I’m also nearly done with analyzing and visualizing data with excel, which is part of the microsoft professional program for data science. This class was a lot more involved than I expected, specifically with powerpivot and the DAX language. I highly reccomend any analyst to take this course, It will take you some time however as it’s pretty dense.

It’s been cool seeing how this all ties together. Using SQL to retrieve and filter data, Using Excel to make more user friendly dashboards, and using python for more advanced statistical analysis.

I’m planning on purchasing another microsoft course a week from today to continue chipping away at the microsoft professional program for data science. I’m also looking into starting a certification program from John Hopkins University in a data science specialization because it’s focused on the same concepts but with R, which I have not learned as of yet.

These two programs will probably take me until january. From there, I plan on pursuing a micromasters from University of California, San Diego.

I’m going to make some videos on the machine learning project for those of you that are interested!

As you’ve noticed I’ve started reblogging articles on here, as, also with my own posts, I’m tryiing to promote data science as a whole here. I may section off the website into posts I’ve made documenting my journey, and reblogs of articles/side posts. Not sure yet, but it’s a thought.

Thanks for reading, and I’ll update you all again soon!

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