Post 8

Hey everyone!

I’ve managed to finish my certification on SQL for Data Science from University of California, Davis. Was a pretty good course! If you want some education on SQL basics, and some more advanced topics, (advanced retrieval queries), I highly reccomend it. The link is found below, $50 dollars for a verified certificate isn’t a bad deal!

I unfortunatley messed up on my submissions for my last course in python for data science from IBM! As a result, I will have to “retake” that course on Septemeber 13th. I will update on that closer to that time frame.

I’m currently starting the Data Science Specialization from John Hopkins University. There is a total of 10 courses, and I’m already almost through the intro course. This certificate is done with R instead of Python, so it will be good to get exposure to that programming language.

My plan is to finish up the first course tomorrow, and also start microsoft’s python course tomorrow. I also am planning on starting the sequel to the SQL course from University of California, Davis, that focus’s more on data wrangling, A/B testing, and further analysis with SQL.

All of this will keep me pretty busy until september when I can retake the python capstone course again. Around that time I’ll probably be soley focusing on Microsoft’s program, and John Hopkins program unless there is another course in the SQL series from UC, Davis. That will take me to the end of the year, before I begin the micro-masters program for Data Science.

As for content, now that my project has wrapped up for work, I have some free time for the next couple of weeks, so, I’m going to try and put out some more videos on stuff I worked on the past few months, (jupyter notebooks, Excel Labs/Visualizations, and SQL stuff). Most of that content will probably just be me talking over the code, so it may not be “as thrilling” to some of you, but I appreciate it if you check it out none the less!

I will be in OKC in a couple weeks, for business, so I may be offline for a bit, but thanks again for checking in, and staying tuned to what I’ve been up to in the world of DS.

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