Post 9

Hey everyone, back with another update.

I recieved an email today stating that the Microsoft Professional Program for Data Science would be discontinued as of December 31st 2019. Needless to say, I’m a bit frustrated with this. As I have about 4 courses from that track completed and have invested my own money purusing this. About $400 worth. I recently purchased their python course as I was trying to use this program to have a focus on python, and using the john hopkins university program to focus on R. What I’ve found actually, is that I prefer R a little more than python. I suppose that makes sense with my background being mathematics and not pure computer programming. R feels more like something similar to SAS which I’m much more comfortable with. However, I am not giving up on continuing education with python, as I feel both languages are extremley important for data scientists.

What I am giving up on, regrettebly, is the microsoft professional program for data science. I can’t justify spending approximatley 600-700 dollars more on a program that, if I do not finish by the end of the year, I will never be able to obtain. Essentially these certifications, the way I approach them is kind of like a binge watch on netflix. Only it’s a bing learning session over the course of a week. Which, may make it sound like I could complete the program, however with my full time work, and just general life suprises, I don’t think I can guarantee I’ll complete it.

As a result, I’ll be going forward with the Johns Hopkins program. I will also be retaking the capstone for IBM here in september. I will also be finishing this AB testing/Data Wrangling with SQL from UC Davis. But after that, I will pursue no other courses this year. In january, I will begin a micromasters program for Data Science from University of California Davis. This program uses python as it’s base. So I feel that will be a more valid certification than the one I will have from IBM.

The micromasters program is essentially a certifcate that is obtained through graduate level courses from the university. It’s much more structured than a certificate course and a bit more rigerous. The main draw however, is that the completion of this can be used as credit towards their online masters program(coming soon) in data science.

My plan right now, unless I am able to work for the government as an unforseen circumstance, is that once the micromasters program is complete, I will be doing the online Masters program from University of California Davis for a Masters in Data Science.

That’s pretty much all the education I have outlined going forward for the forseeable future. In terms of data science. As a side note, I am thinking of taking some udemy courses on web design, and software development with python, for fun. Nothing with certifications or anything, but just to have the knowledge.

I have completed the first course in the R program from Johns Hopkins, “The data scientsit’s toolbox”, which was mostly review of tools, websites, and algorithms Data Scientists use. Right now I’m working through the R programming course in the program, and am also about done with week 1 of the SQL course as well.

One other thing as well, is that I have started making videos on the python notebooks I did for IBM, I plan on uploading all of these in the near future. (Shooting for 1/day). At the end of this post, you’ll be able to watch that video if you would like.

Again, I’m very frustrated with microsoft over this, but the certificates I’ve earned through them will still be valid, I just won’t be able to use them towards the professional program for data science.



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