Post 10

Hey Everyone!

Back again with another update, I am uploading a video tonight on youtube of the basic strings notebook from my ibm certification. I also am through week 2 of R programming by johns hopkins university. I’m going to attempt to start week 3 within the next few days!

My SQL course is going great, it’s much more focused on abstract questions regarding data wrangling than teaching SQL itself. There are also some pretty complext queries thrown in there. About halfway done with that, hoping to be finished by the end of september at the latest.

I am also almost done with the python course from microsoft. It feels very much like a review after completing most of IBM’s program. Still a little frustrated wtih the ending of the microsoft professional program.

I’ve been incredibly busy with work, as I’m helpig with a few different projects now. I’m hoping things will let up a bit soon so I can get back to posting here, and start making some more video content. It’s also been a bit distracting with the new destiny expansion coming out, and I’ve been trying to practice guitar again on the side as well. I miss playing in a band, and I’ve been thinking of looking for a weekend cover band in the dayton area.

Anyway, hope all of you are doing well, and thanks for keeping up!

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